Forever Friends


To help you select appropriate reading material, below are some questions to consider.

  1. Is the elder shown as physically healthy and mentally alert?
    a. Is she able to live independently and able to care for herself?
    b. Is she interested in the significant events in the lives of other characters?

  2. Does the elder demonstrate a positive outlook on life?
    a. Does he interact with the other characters in positive ways?
    b. Is his attitude/mood generally positive?
    c. Does he take an interest in the lives and events of others?
    d. Do the characters, elders, and others clearly care for and about one another?
    e. Are the elder characters enthusiastic about travel, new adventures, etc.?

  3. Does the elder’s lifestyle and living arrangements show independence and a sense of self-worth?
    a. Where is she living?
    b. Does she enjoy a hobby or display a talent?
    c. How does she relate to others?
    d. Is she clearly valued by and valuable to others?

  4. Is the role the elder plays in the story significant?
    a. Do the other characters look to him as a role model or a purveyor of wisdom?
    b. Does he contribute to conversations and is he treated respectfully by the other characters?
    c. Do other characters seek his wisdom and experience to clarify issues in their own lives?
    d. Does he set an example of good citizenship and altruism?

  5. Through shared memories and storytelling, does the elder offer models for the continuity of life -- past, present, and future?

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