Forever Friends


  • dispels myths regarding elders and fosters positive attitudes toward the aging process
  • makes children comfortable around people of varying ages and backgrounds
  • provides opportunities for social interactions and individual adult attention
  • improves a child’s self-concept by affirming and encouraging a child’s efforts
  • offers a first-person glimpse of cultural heritage and history of the community (clothing, customs, and inventions)
  • increases children’s awareness of elders as valuable resources by making them aware of their knowledge, skills, talents, and wisdom


  • dispels myths regarding youth and fosters positive attitudes toward children in contemporary families
  • enhances elders’ lifelong learning and sparks their curiosity
  • improves self-esteem through sharing their wisdom and talents and affirming their lives as well lived
  • offers companionship and friendship through interaction with the broader community
  • provides recognition and respect for their contributions past and present
  • enhances feelings of value and productivity in a mutually beneficial relationship
  • allows elders to express compassion and empathy toward the struggles of youth


  • calls upon the strength of one generation to meet the needs of another
  • enriches the programming provided to elders and children in schools, early-care and education settings, and senior facilities and programs
  • develops trust and a sense of community by integrating its most segregated members and increasing cooperation throughout the community
  • shares and maintains cultural and ethnic heritage of individuals and the community
  • joins diverse segments of society and reduces their competition for limited resources
  • opens public buildings to all members of the community regardless of age, increasing interest in the variety of activities available and resources they provide (i.e. technology, recreation, and creative arts opportunities)
  • develops enduring relationships between families and elders outside their own family circles

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