Forever Friends


FOREVER FRIENDS Inc. is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is rooted in the value of intergenerational relationships. The organization strives to bring children and elders together in a variety of settings so both groups learn from and about each other, form friendships, and break down age-related stereotypes.

Established in 1998, FOREVER FRIENDS Inc. emerged from a program Sherry Power, M.Ed., began in 1986. Power’s program linked her second-grade class from Brookfield, Wisconsin, with elders at St. John’s on the Lake – a Milwaukee independent living facility – in a year of intergenerational activities.

Today, FOREVER FRIENDS Inc. serves as a leading resource in intergenerational program development, teacher training, and community outreach. FOREVER FRIENDS Inc. supports more than 30 intergenerational programs across the country. These programs reflect the organization’s mission to educate young and elder citizens to create a more positive society where children are prepared and empowered to accept the challenge of an aging population and elders share their wisdom, knowledge, and experience to nurture the young.

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